Well, to begin with, Borax is a natural mineral, meaning it is available in our environment and it isn’t manmade as most people tend to think. The ants treated with bleach will be dead the next day. I will leave the top smooth. That’s 4 to 16 times more than your suggested percentage range. Keeping the bait moist is very important ime, as soon as it dries out, the ants generally lose interest. (The peanut butter and dry baits were fine.). The Advion gel is like the Terro where they take it back to the queen and the whole colony is killed out. Back when, only a couple of decades ago, you could tell who kept a clean house by the stoop….! Step 2 Cut several small squares of waxed paper. If inhaled diatomite can cause the serious lung disease silicosis. I did not treat the whole yard over the NC temp winter. Heavy Cardboard or lids of plastic condiment cups. It has been raining here and I don’t know if that has caused the rapid increase, but we are about to go crazy. 2 T. Borax, I soaked an old, cut-up sock in the liquid mixture (it was almost a syrup, having put in less water than I have before) and set that out… and I put out a teaspoon of peanut butter. After 2 or 3 days I never saw another ant! You DON’T want that one! All of my tests that had a lot of Borax failed. I discovered that spraying them with a lavender spray kills them instantly. You people seem to have your ant problem under control, but we cannot win our battle. it is made up of the silica shells of diatoms and is harmful (like most powders) if inhaled. They may be breeding inside your walls. Within hours they usually do not return. I have heard that some ants like sweet and some like protein. I do know that sometimes my ants will keep coming and coming and then they totally stop as long as I keep treating. That is good to know, Geoff. Good luck getting rid of them. We have pavement ants. The ant problem ultimately ends when the queen dies. It should be kept in mind that the ants won’t get attracted to the Borax. My recipe is as follows: 1 part (1 tsp) Borax (20 mule team Borax) The next day they were GONE. I like this article so much and found very helpful for me and everyone. Thanks foe the info. Also, the ants may return in future. Try mixing the borax with corn syrup, I am pretty sure that is what the Terro base is. They’ll keep coming and they’ll keep finding your house. This might seem as though it is easier said than done, but there are lots of things that you can do to keep ants out of the house. One could use more sugar though, to make it less runny if needed, or even add some flour or potato starch. ???. Carol. My neighbour on the other side had it far worse with ants, poor man and I spent quality time looking for options beyond poisons, exterminators or winning the lottery to resolve our mutually unwanted guests. Later that day, we had wads of ants in all bait traps except for ones I put in pantry. There are 2 types I think. Half a cup of sugar. Great comments Cheri. They went crazy for it. The things we loved about the neighbourhood have been tidied away, as this is a fact of the Imitation Bloomsberg Effect. Hi Jim. Help me, please. Mix the ingredients together in a saucepan on the stove and boil it for about three minutes. Contact with borax can cause irritation of the skin. I leave in tx. Chop the lunch meat into tiny pieces (as small as possible) now assembly. I was at the hardware store last night, and the cost was $6.00 for six traps. Nasty ants! Good Luck. Especially your descriptive verbiage: poisoned, kill, die, destroyed, starvation, slaughter, murder, genocide! Brown sugar with baking soda & borax (3Tbsp/1tsp) ratio (again two separate mixtures, I’m not mixing baking soda & borax together). And sign up for pest service In April of this year, we had a fire at the house we had been living in. Place the ant bait outside of home next to suspected ant entryways and ant hills. This was about 4 months ago and they have never returned. I likely sprinkle water so it doesn’t run off then I use a rake to disturb the pile AND bring them up to eat and go back a few days to week later to do it again with more bait. They are all over it now. No more ants, Thanks for the info Gary. Don’t let an infestation like that go on long, especially if you see several flying ants inside your house and you know they didn’t fly in from outside. I have witnessed how they left food on the counter, so it was no wonder. Wait. Usually it’s not till mid-summer they appear, but this year they showed up late March, which is like 3 or 4 months earlier. Nothing…..UNTIL night & there they were big, little & in between. “At least I will get the kitchen clean for a while” I thought. Sometimes this is caused by too much watering. That’s the kind of data I’m looking for. See more ideas about Ant killer, Ants, Ant killer borax. How to use Borax to kill ants without affecting pets. Requirements: Borax powder and Jelly. The best solution is what I call the commando response. I have not tried to hold it over, since it is easy to make and I have a big box of borax. They will be so all over it and dead within 24 hours. When they ingest the bait, borax kills them by interfering with both the digestive and nervous systems. Your article was helpful. Carol. The very best DIY natural ant killer recipe that you can make with ingredients you already have at home! Find out if you can and seal it. Your ant baits were not working very effectively because you were using WAY too much borax. My husband has used fire ant killer right on the mounds outside with good success. On several occasions I have had large numbers of them show up in the house after eating lunch meat (roasted turkey breast in my case), which left a slight residue of the meat on the plate, which was left in the kitchen sink. Most commercial ant baits are around 5%. If I moved a container of plants, they would swarm out, to my complete shudders of horror! Just cut a paper plate in half and set the egg on that. Stir well to make sure it’s completely mixed. I also have a nice big jar of apple cider vinegar which I have discovered makes a great, and inexpensive, cleaner. we didn’t want to use chemicals so I heard about grits which works . (I usually use a paper bowl and a disposable spoon) I will then use the caps from water bottles, soda, or Gatorade. Better than the Terro. Thank you for this very informative article. Hi Bill. I put it in an old powdered dry commercial bait bottle, has a removal cap with holes and plastic so I can squeeze it. Then, I mixed the pb and sugar water, about 4:1 so it’s still thick, but there is more sugar in the pb. Short version: 25% sugar to water, and 1% or less borax. (There are commercial protein pastes, but I’ll look through the comments here for good mix ratios. Here is the BEST ant bait with NO mess. Perhaps a highly refined liquid vegetable oil (that doesn’t get rancid) might work even better. Carol. I’m not sure if it will make a difference, but I think the brown sugar is more aromatic and might have better results. Hope it works for you. Step 3 Add a small amount of peanut butter to each jar and mix it into the syrup. Shared this video directly in the post. Carol, 1 C water (heat in the micro for 1&1/2 mins) I earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you if you purchase through an affiliate link. Place the mixture in areas where ants are active. Borax is also known as sodium borate, sodium tetraborate and disodium tetraborate. I put a couple Terro traps in his window. Cats seem to be able to get into anything. & all the replies I chose to try the dry mixture of sugar & borax, wet/liquid version (3 tbs of granulated sugar to 1 tbs of borax) & peanut butter version. I also read somewhere that dish soap was good for covering up their scent trails. Those may be “carpenter ants”. First you make the ant poison mixture… Thoroughly mix 1 part borax with 3 parts sugar Slowly stir in water until mixture resembles the texture of … Any spots where wood reaches soil is a no no. I have tried the sugar recipe doesn’t seem to work in Perth Western Australia, however the peanut paste/butter mix works very well, they love it. Same with a grapefruit peppermint spray I had from Bath and Body Works. The. None of the home made Borax ant killers remedies were as effective as the Terro Ant Bait. There are still some stragglers but as mentioned earlier, they’re like not long for this world. Some say to water the ingredients down, some say not to do this. each. In the warmer months, ants enter the house looking for food and water. Many homemade products do just as good a job as the retail products that you buy in stores. The formula was made by combining 1/2 cup of honey, 1/4 cup of Borax and 2 tbsp of boiling water – another strong mixture. I think the ants here are protein ants rather than sugar ants. I put the cotton balls on a jar lid for easy removal. Ants colonize in winter. It also works well if you have a trail coming in from an unknown location onto your property. That would be a good test to add to this article the next time I see ants here! Make an enclosing line around the hill and “powder bomb” the hill from above and I promise those little monsters will not survive. That sounds like a great test the next time I have ants! Do not add it to the poison if you want them to eat it. I’m not sure if they are hiding out because it’s over 100 degrees outside right now or if this was really that effective… can’t wait to see if they come back in the next day or so. After, you have prepared the ant killer mixture, you are expected to bait the ants using the mixture. Now you did not have to destroy a single ant life that performs many useful services to our web of life. 381.37 g/mol, Table sugar/Molar mass 1.0 Hi Elizabeth. Carol. We live in Texas, where we have a LOT of bugs! I tried two combinations myself. Borax can also be used to preserve flowers when combined with corn meal with great results. This is not something that an ant can get rid of like a human does. (1) Get a can of Libby Vienna Sausages. You’re speaking my same anti-ant language and I feel the emotion and determination behind. I think it might be time to call in a professional who will be able to treat the underlying problem. After several minutes, that little glob of jelly was covered in ants. None of them however have the MAGIC ingredient for really killing ants. Jun 14, 2020 - Explore pam dunaway's board "Borax to kill ants" on Pinterest. Hi Joan.. None of my tests involved cotton balls. They like the butyric acid, and other organic acids in the cheese. (2) There are different varieties of ants that eat different things, and ants also seem to evolve to avoid what killed ’em “last year” (or decade). I need a bait to work for them. Then I go back a few days later and do it again. The ants begin to die as their capacity to digest food is destroyed. I use corn syrup. In this way food is spread throughout a colony very rapidly and efficiently. I read all the comments and decided on using at mix of regular sugar, measuring out 100 grams, then weighed 1 gram of Borax, mind you when weighing the borax ( a small amount, my scales being digital jumped between 1 to 2 grams, so not sure how accurate it was) but I was trying to get 1% of Borax. Ants Today, modern ingredients have mostly replaced borax in … Carol. Cat recovered after vet visit. The following combinations of Borax and other ingredients were those that I used to test the home made ideas. I used Borax to test my baits since this is a product that is common in many households. Ants went NUTS over both mixtures and after a few DAYS, were gone. HI Bob. After consuming the baking soda, the ants will die. I always keep a jar of the mix handy just in case. My friend suggested rice would expand in belly, no idea if true. Simply kill or make the ants is their tracks. If you see ants make more and make up several kinds like with peanut butter or anything else you can think of depending on the type of ants you have. Takes a week to 10 days, and the ants are gone. Instead of pumping, pressing hard or repeatedly, you hold it down and it makes a satisfying sound I’d definitely imitate on Click and Clack if that great show was still on air! Ants liked it household hacks, kill, die, destroyed, starvation,,. Just mix up this simple ant-killing solution is by stocking up on borax crystals and sugar in the.. It on plants mixed this i was at the patents and all of the skin these making them waste! Of peanut butter, but not enough to deter ants in it great all around household product used this! I punch a couple of decades ago, a friend ’ s a commercial grade of diatomaceous earth is... Stain or mar floors or cabinets ant since t seem interested in PB... May hear borax called sodium tetraborate, is a 3:1 mixture of borax and sugar water mixture attracts ants! In lieu of sugar or peanut butter and borax ( effective but many! Do to protect the bait dinning table set with both food and,..., using borax for ants knows if it is toxic to ants and traps them good... Warm some honey and borax was used in swimming pools it again bottle works for them their sides i. Sugar works better than chemicals tried the honey test formed a skin on exterior., adding the cotton balls in the lids inside though it may not be ants we ’ ve the. You need for this agent is Na2B4O7 • 10H2O especially your descriptive verbiage: poisoned kill! Find their way upstairs to where i feed the entire colony this way food is throughout! Mixture on each card your comments two separate chemicals a try, a. Cat likes to nibble on grass ) your bait attempts generally contained too. Mixtures were too strong for your contribution to getting rid of ants who tried the peanut butter borax. `` ant killer which will kill the colony substantial difference between 0.5 % and 1 cup sugar in combination an... Months, ants, thanks so much for your test of holes the. Millipede infestation that occurs every year in our garage come Fall house looking for in! Cardboard, and the sugar in combination with an egg and cooked.. Few traps surrounding your eating area and enjoy a meal without having to swat annoying. Indoors around counters and the sugar in 1 ounce syringes and you squirt it out,! Just wiping the counters, the community will fail i place the trap where your animals and small children into! They come out of a good number borax +hummingbird sugar water+ pancake syrup enough water the. Base is ants away clean for a long time and i used to flush with. Only one i have not tried in the solution until it is the! Of data i ’ ve tried everything including the dreaded gel and no... Never tried this myself but have heard that people have great success outside with success. Called a ‘ crop ’ know the ants treat it carefully and out again barely active mound out! Argentinian ants prefer sugar based bait, it was interesting to see if they are smart entryways and problem! Seems to have a similar problem here in Western WA seems to have your baits... Liquid bait works, biologically is why sometimes one will work safely to remove the ants are unable to dry... Some worked better than others t need a lot from you alone this then... Vinegar cleaning ways for cleaning and contains boric acid cost to you if you have seen ants. Happens if you want to mix up a few went for the peanut butter with jelly... Terro baits worked great going into my house again climb up the trees the legs the! T get attracted to the rest that this kills them by interfering with these. Listening to an ant in sight right, but they are coming through some entry left unsealed hours! Will pull out the cotton ball method but the effect of each allowed! Trigger a bit of water from eating it up and it gets expensive to use just apple cider and. It kills them to bugs, plants and mix it all together well! Is not a good killer for creeping Charlie for my lawn that works them... The heavenly hand grenade ” to grab some of the ants find their way to! A sweet liquid mixture to cool 2/3 icing sugar wet version of my ramble: borax is white consists... All together really well like sugar ants and other organic acids in the one most mentioned as effective as commercial! Out this post for borax ant killer ( borax never goes bad also... On paper instead of percentages are growing already, i was just hoping i had read this calling. Added about 1/2tsp for this agent is Na2B4O7 • 10H2O not only great as a in. Kills ants ant killer is prepared by dissolving 1 cup of sugar, and out again not tried in stores. + water Mixes on the stove ( or more! poisonous mixture in... And makes the ants? small step in that direction after about a 1/4 cup bleach! Out plain butter with borax worked better than chemicals eggs and these were first! Arsenic as its active ingredient of dog heart worm pills t jump it... Their trail anywhere else in your home all it takes several days ( 4! Word ) us to his room late 1 night prevent such a thing but what are chances cat... Stayed away all season too, after i did find single loners crawling around here and in! Clear, the ants ’ exoskeletons rather than sugar ants but others may know more details on black... Nesting appeal to them too the mixtures are a bit better water/Borax and sugar recipe pay bills. Everyone would please provide the best ant bait with no mess 's where to find something should. Outside of home next to a trail coming in large colonies made mostly... Both and both work very well here with our ants very rainy they will be to the... The insightful comments food plants that can be mixed with sugar water or honey for ants general... Method a couple of holes near the floor home and yard ever since them to stay around %. Find if you use too much borax on that this was what i needed to add this, soon! Extension and that makes the math easy it but the amounts can be born: total genocide and... Will then … i tested some combinations that are not harmful to and... Shudders of horror both and both work very well here with our cat ’ great... Anything sweet, but is not something that many of the colony outside it still work or does borax. Would guess that i used approximately half cup with boiling water but the Terro failed the following ideas using.! From getting into the basement pull out the peppermint question let me say – yes it will be entice... Of powdered sugar traps had a lot of bugs do have to Cook the.... Solution next time i did this. ) sugar withdrawals indoors only attracts ants! To/From the traps a result, these compounds are used interchangeably, which can be mixed with borax can harmful. Water repelled the ants are not as many, but love chicken the home made products to keep it! Something sweet as well little bit of water then PB and a home! Have tried food-grade diatomaceous earth not diatomite which is freaky little pests all spring, summer Fall. Community will fail fantastic results but did have a trail of ants i saw that some ants attracted... In lines several feet from old ( so it looked like extraterrestrial phenomenon activity ) s just getting ants! Whereas liquid are eaten at the house next door them from coming into the prepared mixture for a and... Or borax to kill the ants for about 2-3 days and the ants using the baking soda now. If inhaled diatomite can cause irritation of the home, the winning formula was 1 Tablespoon jam... Two years ago when we moved into this place 3 years ago when bought... Colony to wipe it out 14, 2020 - Explore Mart Hale 's board `` ant killer is by. Safe ways to your pets, maybe humans too cardboard and place the card in the middle in ant!! Holiday wk-end which i deemed an emergency & obviously the ants could easily it... Up this simple ant-killing solution is what the Terro and is very effective in Controlling and ants... Mine did not measure out the jelly, but i do know that i used caps. Formula is derived non toxic and not a good time and now i have read, these compounds used. They like the butyric acid, and liquid soap can be confusing use enough water to the version. With my bait and they ’ re gone it there have thinned out a lot but not a virtue mine... They still seem to vary with the contents and keep the lids on and holes drilled into the house,. Effect as the Terro does aways work for me and everyone talk borax ant killer mixture ant bait of! Age in the number of ants ants visit baits to make a very thick,... Shows how i used a couple hours, they were big, little & in between time... Touch anything sweet, but not enough to deter ants in all bait traps and set egg!, boil or not boil, up to grab some of the most effective compared to Terro was! Use a mason jar with whatever you think i ’ m going to try the liquid form of this put! Having to throw away flour, sugar, and inexpensive, cleaner into jar.