Sigma guitars blend modern acoustic guitar design with classic, vintage looks to achieve traditional styling with an open voicing and excellent response. Quality components and materials are used throughout such as seasoned, sitka spruce tops, rosewood fingerboards and bridges, and premium tuners.

Tonally, Sigma guitars reference the quality of vintage instruments, but incorporate the best modern elements to their sound to produce an open, warm tone with great middle frequencies, a clear bass response and lively trebles.


Every SIGMA acoustic guitar features high quality, handcrafted construction incorporating spruce and solid mahogany tops, Sapele backs and sides and rosewood fingerboards and bridges. Like Mahogany, Sapele is renowned for its tonal qualities and stability that allow us to create lively, high quality guitars which are compatible with most genres of music playing styles.


Quality strings help improve tone and playability. D’Addario Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings have a well-deserved reputation for being warm, bright and balanced with a long-lasting tone and easy playability. These strings feature a precision wound corrosion proof phosphor bronze wire, carefully drawn around a hexagonally shaped high-carbon steel core.


SIGMA guitars are fitted with high quality, die cast geared tuners for easy and accurate tuning. Al Bridges are made of Rosewood and fitted with quality bridge pins and saddles.


Aesthetically the Sigma Dreadnought SIG30DNAT gives more than a generous nod to vintage instruments with its traditional styling. The guitars produces an open, warm tone with strong and clear middle and bass frequencies and is made with a solid mahogany top and high quality components throughout.

Perfect for entry level and to grow with it to higher levels.

‘Intonation, playability incredibly great, perfect set up, strings height at the nut make it very easy to play and no fret buzz at all, the sound is warm clear and beautiful, this guitar is a real bargain, more than perfect for entry level and to grow with it to higher levels. I highly recommend getting this instrument to anyone who wants a fine guitar with great characteristics found in more expensive instruments at an unbelievable price’.

Mike, Amazon Review.


The SIG10AVTS is a classic looking 000 body shape with a modern dynamic voicing for a really great sounding smaller body guitar suitable for all music and paying styles. This guitar would suit a beginner or experienced player due its quality construction using a high grade, solid spruce top and sapele back and sides with premium components throughout.

Low action, bright tone, classic look.

‘If you want that John Mayer sound for a fraction of the cost, look no further.

J. Bishop, Amazon Review.


The Sigma SIG20MININAT is a GS-mini acoustic featuring a solid spruce top and dao back and sides.

The SIG20MININAT is perfect as a travel guitar or a high-quality instrument for children or players with smaller hands. It offers excellent comfort and playability, delivering a rich tone despite its compact size.

Most bang for the buck in an affordable guitar!

‘I like everything about it. It sounds great, plays great, it's extremely comfortable, and it's beautiful. It punches way above its weight for how affordable it is! This is an amazing deal for a smaller body guitar’.

Andrew Grant Mazak, Amazon Review.